Are You Going With A Mixed Age Group To The Amusement Park? 3 Tips To Plan A Trip That Everyone Enjoys

Are You Going With A Mixed Age Group To The Amusement Park? 3 Tips To Plan A Trip That Everyone Enjoys

29 June 2019
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When it comes to spending time together, a trip to the amusement park provides plenty of opportunities for your family to make memories. While you know that you'll have fun riding rides and enjoying the lovely refreshments, you may also be worried about how you will keep everyone happy at once when they are all different ages with varying interests. Fortunately, you can plan the perfect adventure by using these tips to give everyone a chance to do what they love at the park.

Check Out the Amenities Beforehand

Your first step is to figure out exactly what is available at the park to keep everyone entertained and comfortable. For instance, many family amusement parks have areas that are designated for younger children who are not yet tall enough to ride the big rides. These areas tend to have seating areas, changing tables, and other amenities that are perfect for young families. You can also look for disability-friendly rides and walking paths through the park that are best for older adults or those who struggle with mobility. Knowing what is available helps you make sure that each person has what they need.

Consider Breaking Up Into Smaller Groups

Although this is a family outing, trying to navigate through amusement parks in a huge group gets challenging. You will also find that putting like-minded family members together helps to prevent squabbles. Consider breaking up into groups of four if you have a huge family, and create the groups based upon what you think each person will want to do. For instance, you might put the teens together so that they can hit the thrill rides while the older adults might just want to take in a show or enjoy people-watching as they snack on some funnel cake.

Plan to Gather at Specific Times of the Day

Small groups help to keep everyone happy, but you also want to make sure that you get some whole-family time into the day. Consider meeting up for lunch or a midday snack. If the park you go to has a show or some other form of entertainment such as a parade, then you can also suggest that everyone meet for that. Getting together sporadically throughout the day allows you to swap out members of the groups based upon what they want to do next. Plus, it helps you check in with each other and bond while you talk about the exciting things everyone is doing.