Things To Know When Organizing A Foam Party

Things To Know When Organizing A Foam Party

5 February 2018
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When you are looking at your options for arranging a party for your children, having a foam machine can be an excellent way of making this event memorable. However, there are many people that will have limited or no experience in terms of renting and using these machines. If you are finding yourself unsure of what you should expect, there are some important but basic questions that you may want answered.

Are Foam Machines Difficult To Use?

There is a frequent assumption that a foam machine will be somewhat difficult or otherwise complicated to use. However, these devices are fairly easy to set up and operate. For example, these devices will use a combination of water and a special foaming solution to function. Often, there will be a hookup for a hose to connect to the foam machine that will ensure it has an ample source of water. A small storage tank on the machine will store the foaming solution. If you notice that the machine is starting to experience difficulties with creating foam, it could indicate you need to add more foaming solution to it.

How Do You Clean Up The Foam?

It is common for individuals to be hesitant about using a foam machine as they may be worried about the prospects of cleaning up the foam. Yet, this form is designed to be extremely easy to clean up. In most instances, you will simply be able to wait for the foam to evaporate. However, if you want to expedite this process, you can dry mop the foam or use a leaf blower on it. Once the foam has evaporated or been moved, you may want to rinse the area where it was located to remove any film or residue that may have been left behind. When rinsing this area, you can use a wet mop or a garden hose to quickly remove these residues.

What Type Of Shoes Should individuals Wear With The Foam?

An important factor to remember about the foam is that it can be fairly slippery if it is applied to a hard surface. Therefore, you may want to ensure that any children or other guests that will be walking on the foam wear athletic shoes with good traction. This will minimize the risk of individuals slipping and falling. Additionally, the shoes are likely to become wet from being exposed to the foam, and you will want to avoid wearing shoes that can be damaged by exposure to moisture.

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