4 Things to Do When Planning a Visit to an Escape Room

4 Things to Do When Planning a Visit to an Escape Room

6 February 2018
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Planning a trip to an escape room can be a fun option for spending time with friends or building a sense of teamwork with coworkers. Before you head out to an escape room, there are a few things you might want to do to prepare for this adventure. Use this guide to help ensure you are ready for your trip to an escape room.

Plan for Emergency Calls

Escape rooms are typically phone-free zones, which can make some people feel uncomfortable. If you are a parent and want to make sure you can be reached in the event of an emergency, be sure to provide your babysitter with the phone number of the escape room company. You may also be able to arrange with the front desk to have important but non-emergency messages forwarded to you, which is handy if you are on-call for work. Remember that you might not be able to re-enter the escape room if you leave to take a call.

Dress Comfortably in Layers

Wearing comfortable clothes is always a good idea when you head to an escape room. The puzzles can sometimes be physically challenging, so skirts and heels might not be the best options. Wear layers of light clothing so you can stay as warm or as cool as you need to. Some people may experience a bit of claustrophobia when locked in the room, and having layers on makes it easier to cool off should you become anxious and sweaty. Layers are also a good idea for escape rooms that don't allow you to wear a coat or jacket while inside.

Ask to Bring Water

You may be allowed to bring in a bottle of water, so ask beforehand to make sure this is acceptable. Having water available can also help you in the event that you become anxious in the confined space. If you are traveling with a group of friends, you may even want to bring a bottle for everyone in your group.

Arrive Early

Get your escape room adventure started on time by asking everyone in the group to arrive early. This will help ensure that everyone is present, accounted for, and available to hear the instructions for the game. Be sure that everyone knows where to find parking in the area, and consider arriving at least 15 minutes early to allow time for everyone to get checked in and settled.

Escape rooms offer a fun and challenging way to spend a few hours. Whether you win or lose, you can be certain that you have an interesting adventure ahead of you.