3 Things To Put In Your Kid's Halloween Treat Basket

3 Things To Put In Your Kid's Halloween Treat Basket

9 September 2018
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If you are the type of parent that loves all holidays and likes to spoil your kids, then you may be already planning what you're going to do for them for Halloween. One fun thing that you can do is put together a Halloween treat basket for them and set it at their place setting at the breakfast table on Halloween morning. The great thing about Halloween treat baskets is that you can give them fun, affordable toys without breaking the bank. Plus, you can give them stuff other than candy so that they don't get even more sugar than they are already going to get. So, what can you put in their treat baskets? Read on to learn a few ideas. 

1. Pajamas

One fun thing that you can get your kids in their basket is some Halloween pajamas. Halloween pajamas are not only a festive thing that they can wear, but they are also something that's useful and that they can wear for the rest of the year. 

2. Miniature Games

Another fun thing that you can put in their treat basket is some miniature games like a miniature set of checkers or chess. Miniatures games are really fun because they can put them in their pocket, in their backpack, and play with them in the car which gives you an excuse to take away their screen time. Plus, playing games gives them some skills and tools that they can only learn by playing a hands-on game. 

3. Puzzles

Another fun thing that you can get your kids is a new puzzle. The fun thing about puzzles is that they come in a variety of different types that are suitable for all ages. So, if you have a toddler, you can get them a large piece puzzle that will help them develop their eye-hand coordination. But if you also have a teenager, you can get them a large puzzle that comes with tons and tons of pieces; that way they can have a good challenge. Plus, having puzzles around the house gives your kids the excuse to invite friends over and sit around the table putting together a puzzle. 

Creating Halloween treat baskets is something that's fun to do for kids of all ages and genders. Plus, if you start doing them this year for your kids, you can make it a tradition that they won't forget which will make it something that they always have to look forward to.