The Winter Season Is The Perfect Time To Curl Up With A Book

The Winter Season Is The Perfect Time To Curl Up With A Book

17 December 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

The weather outside is frosty and all you want to do is sit inside and curl up under the covers. If you are starting to feel a bit stir-crazy about sitting indoors all day, maybe you need something to occupy your mind. When's the last time you did any serious reading? No, we don't mean reading your social media feed or glancing at a celebrity magazine. When's the last time you really entertained yourself with an adult romantic thriller novel or your favorite fiction genre of choice? This winter is as good of a time as any to get back into reading.

Reading Fiction Can Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Reading a good book can engage your mind in ways that other forms of entertainment might not. You won't even realize it's happening as you turn the pages, but getting sucked into a good book can really wake up your creative side. Perhaps you'll be interested in trying to write a book yourself, or maybe you can put that creative energy towards another project you've always wanted to tackle. It's not like you are going anywhere anyway, assuming the roads are still covered in ice and snow. So pop open a new novel and see if you can get your own creativity jump-started in the process.

It's a Great Way to Relax

Reading a good fiction book engages a person's imagination in a way that most people don't experience too often. If you want to simply forget about the worries of the world for a little bit, getting a few chapters deep into a new novel can make the world around you start to fade away. It's a great way to relax at the end of a long day or while waiting out a winter storm.

Go for the Physical Copy to Reduce Screen Glare

It's possible to get just about any book today in ebook format, and that's perfectly fine if that's what's available to you. But reading a physical copy of a book (or using an e-reader with no backlight) is a great way to reduce the screen glare that most people don't even realize they are being exposed to on a daily basis. Think about how much time you stare at your phone or your computer screen every day. A physical book or an e-reader with the backlight turned off can be a great way to give your eyes a break while still entertaining yourself.