Interactive Stage Shows to Enjoy on Resort Vacations

Interactive Stage Shows to Enjoy on Resort Vacations

17 February 2021
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A resort vacation includes everything you need all within a single location. As you plan your vacation destination, consider the entertainment options available at a resort. Along with traditional options like a musician or stand-up comedian, a mountain resort with entertainment may include interactive stage shows.

Learn about what interactive shows you may see and what to expect with each interaction you encounter.


Enjoy some optical illusions when you attend a magician's show. A live show is filled with a lot of spectacles. For example, a magician may involve the audience in some of the tricks by bringing volunteers up on stage or walk among the crowd to perform some shorter tricks.

You try to volunteer yourself or watch as other audience members become involved in the magic. A magician may even do some group tricks, including mental mind tricks where audience members play along. Every magician act is different, so you should read the description of the performer first to determine how much interaction will take place.

Game Shows

A resort with entertainment will often host live stage-based game shows. Everyone in the audience has a chance to interact on the stage show and many times there are actual prizes given out to contestants. You can have the chance to go up on stage, participate in games, and answer trivia questions.

Some of the game shows are based on actual shows. For example, many resorts have hosted a live Price is Right game show. On the show, you can play games and spin a wheel to try and win prizes. The game shows offer a fun way to spend your resort time and you may have multiple chances to attend shows and go up on stage.


One entertainment option that features a lot of interactive elements is a hypnotist show. At the start of the show, the whole audience often participates to determine which people will be selected for the rest of the show. Certain guests may fall into the proper trance and be brought on stage for the rest of the show.

A hypnotist show is often filled with a lot of comedic elements as participants are encouraged to do a lot of silly acts like dancing or screaming out random phrases. Even if you are not selected for the show, you can find a lot of entertainment by watching other resort guests.

Check a resort's full event calendar to find out more information on the upcoming shows and what you can look forward to when staying at the resort.