Are You Planning a Major School Fundraiser? 3 Tips to Select Carnival Rides for Rent That Attract a Crowd

28 February 2020
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Each year's school fundraiser should be better than the last. Carnivals give your fundraising team the chance to go all out to beat last year's goals. Your crew can also look forward to setting up a carnival that helps to bring your community together and inspire donations that help to build an even better educational program for the kids that live in your area. Carnival rides for rent make it easy to go beyond the usual activities that school events offer. Read More …

The Winter Season Is The Perfect Time To Curl Up With A Book

17 December 2019
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The weather outside is frosty and all you want to do is sit inside and curl up under the covers. If you are starting to feel a bit stir-crazy about sitting indoors all day, maybe you need something to occupy your mind. When's the last time you did any serious reading? No, we don't mean reading your social media feed or glancing at a celebrity magazine. When's the last time you really entertained yourself with an adult romantic thriller novel or your favorite fiction genre of choice? Read More …

Are You Having An Intimate Wedding?

23 October 2019
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Are you getting married soon? Maybe you have decided that you don't want an elaborate wedding but want an intimate one, instead. Since the wedding will be soon, planning an intimate wedding might be one of the smartest things you do as you make your plans. After all, since the wedding will be in the near future, you probably don't really have the time needed to plan a large wedding. Read More …

Are You Planning a Unique Escape Room Halloween Party?

16 September 2019
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Are you planning a Halloween party already? You might have been inspired to plan the event early because you have already seen things like Halloween decorations and costumes in the stores. Have you decided that this year you'll host a party for your adult friends to celebrate this spooky holiday? If so, maybe you've decided to plan an escape room event. If you've done that in the past, you're probably an expert and you don't need to read further. Read More …

Two Reasons Why Your New Construction Home Should Have A Home Theater System

9 August 2019
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Building a brand new home is really something to be proud of. Buying a house is an accomplishment in itself because it often demonstrates a strong degree of discipline due to the money and responsibility that must be invested to make it happen. However, when you decide to build a new construction home, you take the driver's seat and are able to call the shots. As you are trying to determine how many bedrooms you want, where each bathroom should be placed, and selecting all of the features that will go into the kitchen, take a few moments to see why you should also include a home theater system in the plans. Read More …