Three Signs That It's Time To Build Trust Through A Team Building Activity

Three Signs That It's Time To Build Trust Through A Team Building Activity

7 February 2018
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One of the big advantages of organizing a team building activity for your workplace is that it can improve the dynamic at your company in a variety of ways. Should your activity be successful, you'll often be able to notice obvious signs that your staff are getting along better and are more engaged in working toward the company's goals. One attribute that team building can help with is trust. This can especially be valuable if it's evident that trust at your place of work is lacking. While it might take a couple team building sessions to completely restore the trust, this goal is indeed possible. Here are some signs that you need to address this issue.

Management Has Been Dishonest

Few things destroy trust in the workplace as quickly as employees realizing that someone in management has lied to them. Workplace dishonesty, especially when it comes from someone in a position of authority, can be highly disruptive. It can cause staff to lose respect for their managers, look for new work, and stop trying as hard at work. Dishonesty can occur in a variety of ways. For example, a manager may take credit for a project that an employee worked on, rather than give credit to the employee for a job well done. When the employee finds out, trust can be broken. Fortunately, team building can work to restore it.

There's An "Us Vs. Them" Mentality

Some workplaces have an "us versus them" mentality when it comes to the dynamic between management and staff. This can occur for a variety of ways, and can often develop over time. If staff members feel as though management are getting extra perks, or perhaps not sharing resources with staff, this can leave a bitter taste. Similarly, if management feels as though staff members aren't working as hard as they can or aren't engaged in the future of the company, this rift can develop.

You're Seeing Significant Turnover

Sometimes, you might be unaware of why there are trust issues in your company — but you're seeing signs of a problem. One sign of a disconnect between staff and management is high turnover in the staff. If the management team stays mostly intact over the years, but staff members are frequently coming and going, there's most certainly some sort of issue that they're dealing with. Trust isn't something that can change overnight, but working toward restoring it with team building activities can be in everyone's best interest.

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