Are You Planning A Special Science Day At Your School?

Are You Planning A Special Science Day At Your School?

18 July 2018
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Are you an elementary school teacher? Perhaps you are a very involved volunteer who has accepted the responsibility to plan a science day at your child's school. In any case, from going on a science field trip to arranging for a science show to come right to your school, here are some ideas that might help you plan an event that will long be remembered. 

Field Trips - Before you start planning any type of science field trip, make sure that there will be transportation available for your child's class, whether it be school buses or whether it be parents who have been given the authority to drive the school children. Once that has been established, think of the amazing science opportunities that are right in your own city. For example, find out if your electric company has tours available to school groups. Another idea is to go to the zoo with a different plan than just looking at the animals.

Find out if your zoo has workers who will teach the children how the animals are cared for. Do you have botanical gardens in your area? If so, think about going to one where the students will learn the different names of plants and flowers. When you make arrangements for the children to go on a particular science field trip, be sure to let the person in charge know how many children will be in your group.

Science Shows - You and the children have more than likely seen television shows that have science as their focus. Wouldn't the kids love having a similar experience right in their own classroom? Do some research to find out what kind of science shows are available in your city. For example, there might be an individual or a group who will give different exhibits of how electricity works. Another idea is to invite an expert on reptiles or other animals.

That science show will more than likely be a hands-on experience where the kids will get to actually feel the skin of things like snakes and lizards, or the fur or hair of mammals. Another type of science show for your elementary school class might involve things like how different chemicals work when they are combined. Obviously, you'll want professionals who can do the demonstrations safely. This type of demonstration might show the kids how a volcano works with the use of things like baking soda, or there might be some fun in learning how bubbles are made. 

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