Tips For Using Models For Your Trade Show Booth

Tips For Using Models For Your Trade Show Booth

24 October 2018
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Drawing attention to your booth at a trade show can be remarkably challenging as there are likely to be many other booths that are also competing for the attention of those passing by. Hiring trade show models can be an excellent way of projecting success while also making your booth more noticeable.

Understand The Functions You Want Your Trade Show Models To Serve

Prior to booking the models, it is important to identify the role that you will want them to serve. For example, it can be common for some clients to only want the models to present and showcase products. Other clients may want the models to be able to answer basic questions or provide other information to those at the event. By identifying these needs ahead of time, the talent agency will be better able to match you with the right model.

Screen Models From Several Agencies

It is a reality that the quality of models can vary tremendously from one talent agency to another. If you are wanting to ensure your booth has the highest quality models, it can be worthwhile to speak with several different talent agencies. These services will be able to provide headshots and other information about the models that are available, which will make it easy to compare the talent from these various agencies.

Obtain Sizing Information For Your Models

It is common for trade booth presenters to want their models to wear branded attire. It is customary to provide this attire to the models. To ensure that you have clothing that will fit the models, it is important to get their sizing information. In order to help clients, many talent agencies can provide sizing sessions where the models can be fitted for the garments for the event. There may be additional fees for this session, but it can be necessary to ensure the models look as attractive as possible in your branded outfits.

Have The Models Arrive Early

When reserving the use of models, clients will usually reserve these services on an hourly rate. However, you should not let this discourage you from encouraging the models to arrive at least a half-hour early. This will give them time to get positioned and acquainted with the booth area. Furthermore, this will give you some time to address any wardrobe issues that arise prior to the start of the event. If you will be using the models over multiple days, you may only need to have them arrive early the first day.