Three Different Types of Tents to Rent for Your Outdoor Wedding

Three Different Types of Tents to Rent for Your Outdoor Wedding

16 May 2019
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Getting married outside can be beautiful but it can also be unpredictable, which is why it can be a smart idea to rent a tent if you want to get married outside. Even if you are getting married during the summertime, renting a tent is still a smart move to make. A tent can protect your guests from unexpected rainstorms, and it can help protect them from the overwhelming heat as well.

When it comes to renting a tent, you have a few different choices. There are three primary types of tents you can rent: a tension tent, a pole tent, and a frame tent. Each of these types of tents has different benefits and drawbacks.

Tension Tent

With a tension tent, the main support pole for the tent is located in the middle of the tent. With the support pole being in the middle, the tent will have a high middle with a sloped roof on the tent.

The advantage of having a high ceiling is that it will make your tent feel like it has a lot of space under it. If you are worried about strong weather conditions, a tension tent will be able to withstand even strong winds.

A tension tent also gives you lots of rooms to decorate with, if you want decorations to come down from the ceiling.

Pole Tent

Pole tents are really easy to put in place. With a pole tent, there is a main supporting pole in the middle and smaller poles on the sides that support the tent. The poles are supported by stakes that help hold up each pole. The tent has to be set up somewhere where the stakes can be driven into the ground. The ceiling of the tent is not really that high though like with a tension tent.

These types of tents are lightweight and easy to move around and set up. They are great if you want to create some shade or protect against a little rainfall, but not great if you want protection against potential severe weather.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are really sturdy. They are supported by a metal frame that holds up the entire tent. There are no interior poles, so if you want the inside of the tent to be completely open, a frame tent is usually the best choice for that type of set-up.

Frame tents are also great for small spaces. With a frame tent, you don't need to drive down stakes or set up ropes to hold up the tent. The tent is completely supported by the frame, allowing it to be used in big or small spaces. The frame also allows the tent to be set-up on hard structure, such as concrete.

If you just need a little protection from the sun, a pole tent will work. If you want a sturdy tent that can withstand any weather, a tension tent is a great choice. If you want a tent that can be set up in a small place or set-up on hard ground, a frame tent is usually the best choice.

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