Are You Planning a Unique Escape Room Halloween Party?

Are You Planning a Unique Escape Room Halloween Party?

16 September 2019
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Are you planning a Halloween party already? You might have been inspired to plan the event early because you have already seen things like Halloween decorations and costumes in the stores. Have you decided that this year you'll host a party for your adult friends to celebrate this spooky holiday? If so, maybe you've decided to plan an escape room event.

If you've done that in the past, you're probably an expert and you don't need to read further. However, if this is your first escape party, you might be looking for ideas. If that's the case, from sending clever invitations to planning the actual escape activities, here are some ideas that might help you to host a fun and memorable party.

The Escape Room Invitations

Obviously, you could email, phone or text your friends about your Halloween party. However, think about seeing the stage by sending invitations through the mail. Even if you're not a gifted artist, you can make clever invitations yourself, can't you?

For example, get a picture of a detective-looking individual peering through a magnifying glass. The could be the front of your invitation, with words like Will You Join The Fun In Planning The Great Escape? Or, create a simple maze on the front of the invitation with similar wording going throughout the maze design. No matter the front of the invitation, think about adding to the fun by asking people on your guest list to dress up with escapes in mind. You might have guests showing up as people like Houdini, Carmen San Diego, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes.

The Escape Room Event 

How complicated do you want to make your escape event? For example, are you willing to turn your entire house into an escape route? If so, think of leaving clues in each room that will allow the folks to enter the next room. Each room could have something fun in it. For example, the first room might have something like tickets to the dollar movie theater for your guests could keep, the second room might have ridiculously tacky jewelry for the guests to wear the rest of the evening. You get the idea, right?

Another idea is to have different tables with intricate puzzles on them. Your guests could work as teams to solve the puzzle. The winning team gets to go first when it comes to eating the Halloween meal you have planned. Or, buy something like funny masks to give the winning team members.