Are You Having An Intimate Wedding?

Are You Having An Intimate Wedding?

23 October 2019
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Are you getting married soon? Maybe you have decided that you don't want an elaborate wedding but want an intimate one, instead. Since the wedding will be soon, planning an intimate wedding might be one of the smartest things you do as you make your plans. After all, since the wedding will be in the near future, you probably don't really have the time needed to plan a large wedding.

Do you have the intimate wedding planned already? If so, then reading another sentence may seem unnecessary. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking for ideas that will make your small wedding a memorable and lovely one. From arranging for an intimate wedding venue to planning simple decorations, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Wedding Venue - Because of the fact that your wedding will be soon, probably the first thing you should do is to secure a wedding venue. Think of unique places that will make your wedding an especially lovely one. For example, will a museum in your city allow you to have the wedding service and the reception in one of the museum's rooms? Maybe there is a historic hotel that rents small banquet halls for the purpose of special events. Another idea is to look for a quaint bed and breakfast that you could use for your intimate wedding setting.

When you find the right wedding venue for your wedding, find out if the facility has things like tables and chairs you can use. If you decide on having the wedding at a hotel, find out if the hotel's restaurant will cater the meal served at your wedding reception. If you have the wedding at a different location, say at a museum or at a bed and breakfast, you'll have to arrange for a different catering service.

The Wedding Decorations - Since you are focused on an intimate wedding that you will plan in a relatively short time, consider keeping the decorations simple. For example, if you are having an elegant seated dinner, a simple rosebud vase with crystal votive candleholders would be perfect. 

For a more casual event, say a buffet, think of having something like colorful pottery birds as the centerpieces. Surround them with colorful faux flowers to make the arrangement look like a bird in a nest. Whether you have elegant decorations or more casual ones, framed pictures of you and your fiancĂ© would be perfect additions. 

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