Are You Planning a Major School Fundraiser? 3 Tips to Select Carnival Rides for Rent That Attract a Crowd

Are You Planning a Major School Fundraiser? 3 Tips to Select Carnival Rides for Rent That Attract a Crowd

28 February 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Each year's school fundraiser should be better than the last. Carnivals give your fundraising team the chance to go all out to beat last year's goals. Your crew can also look forward to setting up a carnival that helps to bring your community together and inspire donations that help to build an even better educational program for the kids that live in your area. Carnival rides for rent make it easy to go beyond the usual activities that school events offer.

If this is your first year to plan to add an extra special attraction, then you can use these three tips to find the right rides to increase the success of your school fundraiser.

1. Identify How Much Space You Have for Rides

Carnival rides for fundraising events tend to be smaller than what you might find at the usual traveling type because many of the best ones are designed for younger children. This makes it easy to find rides that can easily fit your school field or parking lot. Take a look at your venue to find the areas where you want the rides to go. Ideally, they should be in an area where there is room to set up space for a line of all of your eager carnival guests to gather as they wait for their turn. During your assessment of the space, be sure to think about if you might be able to fit more than one ride in the area. Having several options can help to keep the crowd happy and buying ride tickets. 

2. Explore the Different Types of Available Rides

Your school carnival rides should fit the general age and size of your expected guests. You may also want to choose the rides based upon how many people you anticipate will attend the event. For instance, a typical ballistic swing ride can fit eight to 16 kids, so you can run the ride multiple times an hour to increase your revenue. Alternatively, a single person mechanical animal style ride tends to attract both adults and kids, but you might need to adjust the price per ticket since only one person can go at a time.

3. Inquire About Set Up and Supervision

As with any fundraiser equipment rental, you always want to work with a reputable company that is known for its safety record. You should also know what to expect on the day that the ride arrives. When you arrange for your rental, find out if a team helps to set up the equipment. You may also prefer to have someone who is trained to operate the ride on site. Having layers of professional supervision helps you to keep your school carnival safe and exciting while everyone enjoys the epic new rides.