Family Fun At An Indoor Jump Venue

Family Fun At An Indoor Jump Venue

30 August 2022
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Holiday breaks and weekends provide the perfect opportunity to get all of your family members out of the house. A jumping and bouncing session that is held at an indoor jump zone will allow your children to expend pent-up energy, without compromising their safety or being subjected to uncomfortable temperatures or weather conditions.

The Size And Layout

An indoor jump zone or trampoline park is a fully-enclosed recreation area that may be broken down into individual activity centers. There may be standard jumping equipment that comprises most of the indoor space. Walkways may separate each jumping station. There may be age-based jump zones that are geared toward younger and older guests. There may also be some challenge areas, which are each designed for a competitive or individual recreational activity.

Colorful foam shapes, textured hanging apparatuses, and soft and flexible hoops may be featured in some parts of a jump zone. These accessories are designed to increase the 'fun factor', plus provide cushioning or manual grip areas that will help keep jumpers safe. Check out the size and layout of a local jump zone to determine if the entertainment venue offers plenty of activities to keep you and your loved ones busy for a while.

The Waiver And Preparation Suggestions

A jump zone venue usually requires patrons to sign a waiver. A waiver will need to be filled out by an individual who will be using the equipment or by the parent or guardian of a minor who will be using the equipment. A waiver may outline the safety guidelines that are implemented. Information about how the equipment should be utilized may be outlined on a waiver. Weight and age restrictions may also be outlined.

Waivers should be filled out and submitted, prior to using the equipment. Preparing for a jumping session is the responsibility of each patron. Valuables, including jewelry, should not be brought into a jump zone venue. If they are, however, there may be lockers onsite that can be used to store personal possessions.

All patrons who will be using the equipment should be mindful of capacity rules and time constraints. Some jumping equipment may be designated for use by small groups. A wristband that is purchased at a jump zone venue such as Exhilarate will specify how long a jump session will last. A wristband should be worn throughout a jumping session. It should be clearly visible while actively using the equipment that is featured.