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Keynote Speakers: How They Can Get Your Team Focused

25 January 2019
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Do you have a team event coming up, but you aren't sure how you want to get a message across to your team? You may want to consider hiring a motivational speaker. It is not only important to determine the message of your event, but it is just as important to ensure that you are able to deliver that message to your team. A good motivational speaker will be able to assist you with this entire process, which will ultimately help motivate and inspire your staff members. Read More …

What Equipment Do You Need For A First-Time Filmmaker?

12 December 2018
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If you are planning on making your first movie, then you may already have your idea or plot in mind. You may have your script already written and locations picked out. The next step is hiring your actors, director, and production crew. Then comes the part that can definitely make or break your movie – the equipment. What equipment do you need for a first-time filmmaker? It depends on how you want your movie to look and what your budget is. Read More …

Tips For Using Models For Your Trade Show Booth

24 October 2018
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Drawing attention to your booth at a trade show can be remarkably challenging as there are likely to be many other booths that are also competing for the attention of those passing by. Hiring trade show models can be an excellent way of projecting success while also making your booth more noticeable. Understand The Functions You Want Your Trade Show Models To Serve Prior to booking the models, it is important to identify the role that you will want them to serve. Read More …

3 Things To Put In Your Kid’s Halloween Treat Basket

9 September 2018
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If you are the type of parent that loves all holidays and likes to spoil your kids, then you may be already planning what you're going to do for them for Halloween. One fun thing that you can do is put together a Halloween treat basket for them and set it at their place setting at the breakfast table on Halloween morning. The great thing about Halloween treat baskets is that you can give them fun, affordable toys without breaking the bank. Read More …

Are You Planning A Special Science Day At Your School?

18 July 2018
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Are you an elementary school teacher? Perhaps you are a very involved volunteer who has accepted the responsibility to plan a science day at your child's school. In any case, from going on a science field trip to arranging for a science show to come right to your school, here are some ideas that might help you plan an event that will long be remembered.  Field Trips - Before you start planning any type of science field trip, make sure that there will be transportation available for your child's class, whether it be school buses or whether it be parents who have been given the authority to drive the school children. Read More …